About Us


HemaTerra works exclusively with organizations like yours that collect blood, platelets, plasma and other biologic products. Our end-to-end operational software systems are designed to bring CHOICES back to your supply chain. Our products do just that!

  • HemaConnect - the industry-leading recruitment CRM with hundreds of new features and configurable options, as well as cloud-based communications;
  • HemaControl - the first product ever to merge information needed for demand planning with that of collections planning. The end result is real-time inventory management; and
  • HemaComply - takes the confusion and concern out of managing Quality Control (QC) plans by following configured processes and providing a single location for information.
  • HemaMobile - Smartphone applications that let donors and coordinators stay in sync with your blood center.

Our products are built to handle today's blood center needs and cost less than supporting old legacy recruitment platforms. We reinvest in our products to help you connect and retain donors, drive coordinators, hospitals and employees in a cost-effective manner. We also support our products with unmatched service. Training is included at every stage - from implementation to validation to "go live" - and our support continues when you need it.

HemaTerra emerged to correct a key market problem... lack of CHOICE. Consolidation of suppliers led to limited choices for product installation, software and data management. Consumers were left with stale features, declining services and increasing costs. Until now...